Monday, October 5, 2015

American and Freshman Literature - Week 9

Announcement for Juniors as well as Freshmen.... My after school days will now be Monday/Wednesdays from 3:45 to 5:00 p.m. Students need to advise me during class on the day they plan to stay what they need to make up. Students have one week after a test has been given or an assignment turned in to make it up. This time will also be used for extra help.

Please take note and advantage of this time.

American Literature 

Monday - We had our final test on The Scarlet Letter. Tomorrow we will backtrack a wee bit and take a look at the Revolutionary/Age of Enlightenment/Reason periods... Then we will move onto Transcendentalism/Romantism - which is actually revisiting, as with Hawthorne, we were exposed to Puritanism, by a Transcendentalist, and we also read two other works by Hawthorne, as well as one by Washington Irving - who was considered an Anti-Transcendentalist/Dark Romantic- whereas though Hawthorne's work explored the dark side, my theory is that he did so in order to contrast the light.

With that said... we will be introduced to Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau following our brief, but enlightening (pardon the pun) time with Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Payne, and the one and only Patrick Henry.

Following our Emerson and Thoreau... we will then spend a week - right before Halloween ... with everyone's favorite Dark Romantic - Edgar Allen we explore his psyche and how he used his own fears and phobias to explore things that go bump in the night - (insert eerie music)....

Tuesday- Wednesday  The Revolutionary/Enlightenment Era in a (Time) Capsule 

Freshman Literature

This week we are continuing our unit on poetry. We should finish it out this week. I am really proud of all the hard work by the majority of the students. However, there are a few who have yet to turn in assignments going back to week 7-8. I am giving students until this Friday, October 9 to get any poetry assignments that have not been turned in... turned in.

Monday/Tuesday October 5/6 Lesson

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 8 - American Literature and Freshman Literature

American Literature

I hope everyone had a good break... but, did not take a mental checkout...

We are winding down our novel The Scarlet Letter. This week we picked up with Chapter 20 and will complete the novel by Thursday. There is an important test on these final chapters - but also drawing on previous chapters - on Friday. Students - must take notes. Many are not. These students will not do well on this OPEN NOTE essay test. It boggles my mind.... it boggles my mind...

This week we are exploring in detail the biblical imagery used by Hawthorne to reveal his allegory to the ministry of Christ and the relationship between Christ and Mary Magdalene. Students - again.... I am reading these chapters to you... I am providing the fodder for your thoughts... it is up to you to take up the knife and fork and dig in. HINT: THIS IS THE CRUX OF OUR FINAL TEST!!!!! 

Monday- Chapter 20 TSL Lesson PLUS Grammar

Tuesday- Chapter 21 TSL Lesson PLUS Grammar

Wednesday-Thursday - Chapters 22-24

The Scarlet Letter  e-text

Chapter Notes 1-24

Study Guide Chapters 16-24

Imagery and Allusions in TSL

Freshman Literature

This week we continued our unit on poetry. In previous weeks we explored narrative poetry, and this week we are examining the various forms of lyric poetry: Haiku, Sonnet, the Ballad, and Free Verse.  Students need to take notes on all the various styles and be prepared for poetry unit test - NEXT WEEK. 

Monday - Poetry - Whitman's "I Hear America Singing" and Three Haiku PLUS Grammar 

Tuesday- Wednesday - Poetry - Alice Walker's "Women" and William Shakespeare's "Sonnet 30". 

Thursday -Langston Hughes


A Dream Deferred (Harlem) and Dreams by Langston Hughes

The Civil Rights Movement


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