Monday, September 29, 2014

We're Going to Start a Revolution... oh well, you know....

Thursday, September 25 - Monday, September 29

Reading Informational Text/Citing Explicit and Implicit Evidence

Students read the article on teens and sleep deprivation, identified the problem, then collaborated and wrote a proposed resolution to the identified problem - citing evidence from the article and experience to support.

Powerpont featuring the Beatles, and we learn about key figures in the foundation of our country.... and are introduced to Nathaniel Hawthorne author  The Scarlet Letter. 

We will start off reading the novel in class, but students will have to do some reading on their own as we have other reading and lessons that have to be integrated in order for us to cover all we should this semester. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jonathan Edwards - and Persuasive Writing (preparing for the GHSGWT)

See previous post for other resources...

Today's Lesson :

Write a persuasive letter to your teacher or parent using ethos, pathos, or logos.  Your choice must be appropriate to the request.

Topic Choices:
  • To buy you the new iPhone 6… even though you just go the 5s last year
  • To not be grounded for the weekend because of grades
  • To not have to clean your room
  • To allow you to make up the test you missed – because you skipped!
  • To not call your parent about your behavior/grades
  • To not write you up for being on your phone
Students exchanged papers for peer-editing.
This is to give you practice and is for a grade!

 Minimum 3 paragraphs. 



Jonathan Edwards delivered this famous sermon to a congregation in Enfield, Connecticut in 1741. Surprisingly, he spoke quietly and without emotion. According to one account, he read the six-hour work in a level voice, staring over the heads of his audience at the bell rope that hung against the back wall “as if he would stare it in two.” Despite his calm manner, his listeners are said to have screamed in terror, and Edwards had to stop several times to ask for silence.

Etext for Jonathan Edward's famous "fire and brimstone" sermon - Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.... 

The Civil Rights Movement


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