Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Scarlet Letter Finale and The Birthmark

This we complete our novel, The Scarlet Letter. We will test on Monday.

Chapter 20 Lesson with Grammar

Chapter 21 Lesson with Grammar 

Chapters 22-24 plus "The Birthmark"

Etext - once again for the entire novel.

The Scarlet Letter Audio Chapters 20-24 

Religious/Christian Imagery in The Scarlet Letter

Demisedale's Election Sermon - His last before his death

Jesus' Sermon on the Mount - his last before his death

The Procession to the Election Day Ceremony (before Dimesdale stopped at the scaffold

Jesus's procession on the way to Golgotha (site of the crucifixion) 

Jesus as he is lifted down from the cross - Mary Magdelane a fallen woman comforts him

Dimesdale after he collapses and he is comforted by Hester... a fallen woman. 

The Civil Rights Movement


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