Thursday, November 20, 2014

Walt Whitman.... The American Bard

Thursday and Friday's Lessons 

The completion of this work is the last opportunity to improve grades before we leave for the break... I will grade this work over the break.

Please remember, we have EOCs December 3/4. Students are to leave cell phones at home or in their lockers. There can be no cell phones or other listening/viewing devices in the testing area. If students elect to bring their phones or other listening/viewing devices, I will take them up and keep until the end of testing. I would prefer to not have to use valuable testing time to do this.

Students - please be sure to go to USA test prep and take the EOC practice tests. This is for your benefit. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Timed Writing....

Timed Writing Exercise 

This activity is designed to review the writing process as a writing is now a significant component of the EOC(t). Our EOC is scheduled for December 3/4... as soon as we return from the break. Students need to practice timed writing, and use USAtestprep to prepare for this test. Additionally, the essays will be typed, and students need to spend some time practicing their typing skills.

Tomorrow we read a few selections from Walt Whitman.

The Civil Rights Movement


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