Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Catcher in the Rye - resources

etext - Catcher 

Reading Schedule 

Each day we will read at least two chapters together, then at least two chapters individially. If students are reading in class they will have less to read at home. Students are keeping a journal of their readings in which they write a summary and reflection of each chapter read. Students will also respond to guided chapter questions. The jounral and questions are due for a grade at the end of the novel.

We will read through Chapters 1-15 this week 12.7-12.11 YOU MUST GET THE BOOK OR READ FROM THE ETEXT ON YOUR OWN

15-25 Before Tuesday

This is an approximate schedule... I would love to finish the novel this week so we can factor in some other modern literature.

Grammar and Vocabulary Class/Homework Tuesday - 5.5.15

Dangling and Misplaced Modifiers - pg, 585 in PH textbook


Guiding Chapter Question - required

Performance Tasks... Number 1 is required - Due 12.11.15... you may choose at least one more of your choice - (for those with a grade below 80 - you must do two) 

1. Catch Her in the Oatmeal (a fairytale as told by Holden Caufield)
Students will use this as a model to retell their favorite bedtime story as Holden Caufield). Due 12.11.15

2. Diagnosing Holden Caufield - Students will take a medical history (using the text) on Holden and write his medical history.

3. Motifs in The Catcher in the Rye. Students will identify motifs in the novel and their meaning / associated symbolism.

4. Character Sketch of Holden Caufield. Students will conduct a character analysis of Holden Caulfield. (use Chapters 1-7)


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